VoIP Phones & Systems

EasiPC have teamed up with the best to bring a truly flexible Internet Telephony system to our schools.

With a VoIP system, schools can hugely cut the cost of their calls while bringing in some effective and incredibly useful additional features.

Time is ticking

With the last traditional voice lines to be switched off in December 2025, the end of our telephone network as we know it is coming quickly and Openreach is urging customers to take action now.

Don’t get burnt

Avoid the last-minute rush and the pitfalls that could come with it. You need to take time to assess their options and choose the right alternative for them. Picking the wrong telephony system for your School could be a costly mistake.

Make the transition

Fortunately, alternatives to our old voice lines are already available, and highly effective. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a Hosted or a Sip trunk system.


Our partner is an award winning telecoms specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications market providing complete education solutions coupled with guaranteed cost savings.

Interested in VoIP Telephony for your School?

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