Celebrating easipc’s Apprentices on National Apprenticeship Week 

easipc Apprentices

National Apprenticeship Week 2023 takes place from 6th-12th of February. This year’s theme is ‘skills for life’ which creates an opportunity for the education and skills sector to celebrate the achievements of apprentices across the UK.

At easipc, we recognise the importance of apprenticeships and cultivating rising talent. We do this by creating diverse and fulfilling opportunities, providing ongoing support and ensuring our team members are equipped with the tools to develop and refine their skill sets in their chosen specialism.

With some very own aspiring apprentices of our own, we’ve interviewed the team about how valuable they’ve found their experiences during their apprenticeships. 

Our talented team members include:
James Payne, Digital Marketing Apprentice
Gary Campion, PPT Technician
Rhiannon Powell, IT Technician

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

“I previously completed a course in creative media at Northampton College where I became fluent in graphics design and developed skills in other aspects of media. When looking at different career paths, I found the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer intriguing. I decided to look for apprenticeships in my area through an agency and came across easipc. The job description appealed to me right away and I decided to apply.” JP

“I wanted a career change and an apprenticeship was a good way into something different.” GC

I wanted to join the IT industry but felt there was still so much for me to learn and so an apprenticeship felt like the best choice.” RP

Tell us about your role, what does a typical day look like for you?

“The days are always so varied, but it tends to be heading to a school and working through any of the tickets they have put in and sorting any IT issues that arise. These can be anything from hardware, software or networking issues.“ RP

“I worked in a secondary school most of the time. I provided onsite support for all things IT.  Day to day, this meant dealing with any urgent issues promptly, doing checks on the systems, such as backups and security checks. I helped a lot of people with their IT issues. By shadowing a team member, I was either helping them or I was given jobs by them, giving me more responsibility. ” GC

“Once I’m at my desk with coffee in hand, I look at my current workload by checking emails from colleagues and checking our online management software to view any upcoming or ongoing tasks.

A typical task could range from creating fancy graphics content to simple tasks such as gathering information about upcoming world days such as Safer Internet Day and National Computer Security Day or compiling contact information from school partners and prospects.” JP

What’s the best thing about your apprenticeship and what would your advice be to anyone considering an apprenticeship?  

“The best thing about my apprenticeship was learning from a lot of people with different experience and backgrounds. To people considering an apprenticeship I would say go for it. Time goes fast and it could well be a pivotal decision in your life. ” GC

“I have found that I’ve been able to mix work and off the job training easily and effectively and I would say that my favourite part of the apprenticeship is working on a variety of different tasks. 

I would highly recommend looking into apprenticeships to anyone. There are many benefits to becoming an apprentice, especially at a young age. Some of the big benefits being; you’ll be able to earn a wage being employed while learning at the same time. You’ll get high level training and support, and, of course, you’ll gain a qualification!” JP

“The best thing about my apprenticeship is getting to learn something new almost every day!  My suggestion would be to make sure you are on top of your coursework!” RP

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The EasiPC Team