Google G-Suite and Chromebooks

Google Apps has all the tools that schools need to be productive, including email, calendar, documents and more. It's designed for collaboration and built for the web so everyone can work together using all types of devices.


Chromebooks are fast, intuitive and easy to manage laptops that connect pupils and teachers with the power of the web. Chromebooks can offer a 70% saving in cost over traditional PCs.


Google offers a range of affordable tablets that deliver powerful educational content to the hands of pupils and teachers. These tablets come with a range of specialist apps in Google Play for Education.

Education Apps

Teachers have access to a wide variety of UK educator approved apps in Google Play for Education. There are thousands of free and paid apps for Android and Chrome, making Google Play for Education your one stop shop for class content.

What is Google G-Suite?


Setup and management is simple and these cloud-based tools scale easily across classrooms. The products are also easy for teachers and students to learn and require little professional development.


G Suite for Education offers a free suite of tools for schools, including GMail, Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, Cloud Drive and Google Classroom. Best-in-class security is also included at no additional cost.


Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device with G Suite for Education. The tools encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and let teachers work one-on-one or with the whole class.


Educators can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress to improve performance. Tools like Google Classroom also help free up educator time so they can focus on what they do best: teaching.


What is Google G-Suite?


Chromebooks are versatile devices with dynamic content, built-in G-Suite and simple cloud management. They are lightning fast and always up to date.


Starting at around £140, Chromebooks are the easiest devices to set up and manage — lowering total ownership costs with time, administration and durability.


Chromebooks come in a range of shapes, sizes and price points — now with convertible, touch, stylus, and world-facing camera.


Chromebooks were built to be shared with multiple students. Pick up any device and sign in for a totally personalised, secure learning experience.


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