With so many school systems reliant on technology, it is reassuring to know that if your important hardware fails, a quick resolution is just a phone call away...

All Inclusive

Our service will include full support for your server, workstation and printer hardware. We offer the complete service from pick up, diagnosis, repair and return to site. We ensure that the turnaround process is as quick as possible.

Cost Effective

As a company we understand that budgets are being stretched further, and as with our onsite PPT support service, we believe that your school will make a considerable cost saving on hardware maintenance and repairs.

In House

EasiPC have a dedicated hardware repair team. This means that 99% of issues can be fixed in house, ensuring a quick turn around on repairs, negating the risk and cost of sending hardware away for repair through couriers.

Why choose EasiPC?

Risk Free

We offer an ad-hoc, NO FIX, NO FEE service for any item of equipment that is not covered under any hardware support agreement, including laptops. 

This service will allow you to have equipment repaired on a parts and labour basis where applicable.


Data Restoration

Repairing the hardware is only the first stage in restoring a faulty server. With school's now so reliant on accurate information, it is vitally important that all admin and curriculum data is restored as well.

Working along side our backup service, we aim to restore your data and have your school up and running again as quickly as possible.



"When our server went down, we initially thought we had lost everything. All our pupil data, lesson plans and financial information was on the server. EasiPC not only ordered parts to repair our server, but managed to restore all our data in a few days. We had an Ofsted inspection two weeks later, I cannot express how grateful I am to EasiPC!"


Interested in our Hardware Maintenance Service?

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