Online Server Backup

EasiPC are partnered with a global provider of online backup services. Your backup data is sent to the UK data center with AES256-bit end-to-end encryption, so you can be rest assured that your important and confidential files are safe.
TrueDelta Technology byte-level change tracking between backups helps ensure only changed data gets sent over the Internet each night.

Backup Process

We install a small client application on your server, and overnight your daily work, including SIMS and FMS databases are backed up through a safe encrypted connection. There’s no onsite management of tapes and cartridges to worry about and no chance of losing your data through theft or fire/flood damage.


Daily backups are pro-actively monitored from our offices at EasiPC. We are able to choose what folders are backed up remotely and will warn the school when the backup is approaching its limit. In the event of a failure, backups can be quickly fixed via a remote session so that the next backup runs without problems. 


In the event of data loss in the school maybe through an accidental deletion of a crucial document, we can restore files within minutes to their original location.
A full system restoration can also be done in the event of total hard drive failure if you have our optional Hardware Maintenance contract in place.


The main features of our remote backup service include:

Our Online Backup Statistics - April 2021

Schools / Academies
Servers / VMs
Gb's of Data Stored

VDR Backup Testing

As an addon to the online backup service, we can automatically test backup recoverability for critical servers every 14 or 30 days. 

A new virtual machine is created in a cloud environment in the same geolocation as your backup data. It is then spun up to check that it boots correctly, and a screen shot is captured automatically to verify that it will be a successful recovery.

Once the recovery has been verified and logged, the test VM is then deleted.

This is a great peace of mind knowing not only that your data is safe, but a fully working version of your critical servers are sitting in the cloud ready for the day you need it the most.

We recommend you add this service to your domain controllers and MIS servers.


SaaS Backup for O365, Teams and G-Suite

We also now provide MS O365, Teams and G-Suite Cloud-to-Cloud backup
known as SaaS Backup.

EasiPC’s SaaS Protection is partnered by a global provider of leading cloud-to-cloud backup products. Offering an all-in-one backup, restore and export solution that covers Exchange Online, OneDrive SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Google G-Suite.

Have a look at the SaaS Backup dedicated page for this great new service here.

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