Safer Internet Day 2024 

Tuesday February 6th 2024 marks this year’s Safer Internet Day, an internationally recognised event that champions various initiatives to make the Internet a safer place for all. This year there are three themes that the UK Safer Internet Centre are highlighting: 

Making a Difference

Technology has changed all of our lives. It can be easy to forget that the first iPhone only came out just over 15 years ago. With new technologies constantly arising, and online spaces ever changing, education institutions, teachers, young people and IT providers can work together to make a difference and to create a safer Internet for all. 

Managing Influence 

With online spaces becoming primary sources of information, social interaction and cultural production, especially for younger people, it’s important to be aware of the impacts this can have if young people become involved in online communities that promote harmful behaviours or views, such as those surrounding the misogynist influencer Andrew Tate who became popular in the summer of 2022. It’s important to be aware of the potential influence of online environments, while also creating safe spaces to discuss potentially sensitive topics. 

Navigating Change Online

Online spaces are in a state of constant change as platforms rise and fall, algorithms are tweaked, and new technologies appear. Helping young people recognise things like AI deepfake videos, increasingly sophisticated scams, and to develop a keen eye for misinformation will help them to lead more fruitful online lives.

As education IT providers, we recognise that we play an important role in facilitating young people’s experience of the Internet at school. easipc’s extensive services include installing broadband; scalable, cloud-based filtering and proactive monitoring in partnership with Securly; blocking harmful content; and helping to safeguarding across a range of primary schools, secondary schools and multi-academy trusts. Providing our customers with that all-important peace of mind in the ever-changing cyber space.

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The EasiPC Team