The importance of backing up 

Backing up data is one of the most important things any organisation can do, especially schools and other educational institutions. It’s no secret that there are innumerable malicious actors who look to compromise your data for nefarious reasons, not to mention physical threats to servers like a fire or water damage. Here’s some of the reasons it’s so important for schools to backup their data: 

Keeping everything running

A data loss can drastically affect the ability of a school to run day-to-day. Think about all of the procedures that involve the processing of data that occur every day within a school: accessing student records, attendance numbers, storing curriculum content or student work on a server. The gears of the school could very easily grind to a halt if this data was lost or intercepted. 

Loss of work 

If a data loss occurs, it could be catastrophic both for the easy running of a school, but also for students and teachers who could lose hours of hard work, making them unable to deliver lessons or deliver work that could contribute to their grades. As a result, it’s so important for data to be stored securely and backed up regularly. 

GDPR obligations

Of course, there’s a legal aspect to ensuring that your data is stored correctly and backed up regularly. Furthermore, data regarding children has additional protection, so robust data protection and processing are required. Part of GDPR requires any institution that holds and processes data on individuals to have that information readily available to those individuals, who can then make decisions about what can be done with that data. If the data is lost, then that obligation cannot be fulfilled, which can incur heavy fines. 

At easipc, we offer a variety of backup solutions for primary and secondary schools, as well as multi-academy trusts. We provide school IT support to educational providers across the East Midlands from our Northampton base, providing superb server backup and SaaS backup systems. 

We’re partnered with a global provider of online backup services. Your backup data is end-to-end encrypted, so you can be rest assured that your data is safe and being processed compliantly. The data is backed-up daily and monitored by us at easipc. In the event of a breach or loss, we can restore within minutes. 

Plus, we break our service support down for you by avoiding any jargon, giving you that all important peace of mind and a good understanding of your school’s IT status. 

We also provide automated SaaS backup for the most commonly used cloud suites, including O365 Teams and G-Suite. The back-ups are secure, GDPR compliant and can be recovered quickly. If you would like to know more about our backup services, please get in touch on 01604 286682.

The EasiPC Team