VoIP Phones from ExaVoice

EasiPC have teamed up with Exa Networks to bring a truly flexible Internet Telephony system to our schools.
With a VoIP system, schools can hugely cut the cost of their calls while bringing in some effective and incredibly useful additional features.


ExaVoice removes hardware costs, while cutting down on the cost of making calls. We don’t offer limited options for our service – we let you design a custom VoIP package that covers absolutely everything you need, with no charges for anything you don’t require.


Designed to be completely flexible and scalable, ExaVoice lets teachers make calls using your school’s number when they’re on the go, while letting you set up automatic announcements, emergency continuity and far more.


Along with the standard set of advantages that ExaVoice provides, there’s a few additional options that you can choose to upgrade to, giving you an even better level of control over your service.

ExaVoice has been designed to be ideal for schools.

In many cases, you can use your existing broadband to make calls.

There’s three different licences for ExaVoice services, each designed to suit different requirements, ensuring that your VoIP services deliver exactly what you’re looking for – and helping you cut out unnecessary costs.
Our three licence options are as follows:

Functional User: Ideal for those who need a basic telephone service for infrequent calls, rather than using more advanced options and features like voicemail and speed dial.

Fixed User: Our most popular option, this licence is ideal for staff working from a fixed location, and those who occasionally work from home. Along with all the features of our Functional User licence, this option adds in voicemail, call forwarding, and far more useful features.

Mobile User: Ideal for those who travel for work, this licence has all the advanced features of our Fixed User option along with travel-focused features, letting smartphone users call from their work phone, log into their ExaVoice account, and more.

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