How moving to the cloud can help your school save money and the planet

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular option for schools in recent years, and especially since the pandemic. 

While some schools or other education institutions may be reluctant to give up full control of their servers, the advantages and opportunities available to both IT teams and teachers are undeniable. Here are some of the key advantages of moving to the cloud:


Cloud computing allows for students and teachers to access their work and other learning resources from anywhere and from any device they wish. This helps the planet because it means that less paper is being used on costly and wasteful print outs to deliver homework or assignment briefs, while also increasing the accessibility of resources and allowing for more efficient working practices. 


The initial cost of cloud computing can put some institutions off it, but in the long run it becomes a lot cheaper due to the lack of server maintenance costs and increased efficiencies elsewhere. A typical server can cost over £1500 a year in electricity, so that’s a significant saving, especially if your school hosts multiple servers. Also, the cost of maintaining and replacing old or failing hardware is eliminated, removing the need for extended warranties or expensive onsite repairs.


Cloud computing is also a lot better for the environment, reducing the school’s carbon footprint by removing the need for power hungry servers to be stored on-site. Instead server hardware is located in large data centres that have far more energy efficient cooling which is often powered by renewable energy. For example, Amazon Web Services are committed to 100% renewable by 2025. 


Older systems often have security vulnerabilities that become increasingly difficult to patch out as time goes on, whereas cloud systems are continually updated with the latest cyber security technologies, ensuring that a school’s, student’s and teacher’s data are all safe in the cloud. Along with the benefits of added security, cloud computing also allows for far quick responses in a disaster response situation. Where it can take days to recover an on-premise server after a disaster, cloud hosted servers can be back up and running in minutes.

Easipc can help with implementing cloud systems into schools, multi-academy trusts and other educational institutions. As experts in the field of education IT, we can help you find the right cloud solutions for you and implement them with minimal downtime, while also assisting with any maintenance or update needs. Get in touch here.

The EasiPC Team